Larry Russell’s Beatlestock

NYC’s best rockin’ Beatles Sing-Along band

Love to sing to Beatles songs? You know you know the words!

That’s only part of what happens at a Beatlestock event. 

You’ll be meeting like minded folks who love to dance, sing and be a part of the fun and atmosphere that this talented band and music offers.

You don’t even have to know all the words or to be able to sing well.

It doesn’t matter!  You’ll be feeling like 15 again....

Beatlestock is a seven member Beatles tribute band

that doesn’t wear make-up or costumes.  Instead, they focus

on the singing, sound, and ‘feel’ of The Beatles records and performances.

Beatlestock is led by it’s founder, Larry Russell, who launched Billy Joel’s solo career back in the early 70’s as his original bass player. Larry just received a Platinum Record for his contribution to Billy Joel’s music on Piano Man, selling 4 million copies.

Beatlestock is also very proud to now have in the band, Broadway’s ‘Beatlemania ‘original cast member Alan LeBoeuf, who sings amazingly like ‘Paul McCartney’,   plays the keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, exactly and accordingly to the Beatle’s records.

We also feature lead guitarist/lead vocalist John Merjave, who performs at all the ‘Fest for Beatles Fans’ conventions.  John is an amazing addition as well.  

And the fab-u-lous lead singer/guitarist George Stass (Larry’s V.P. of Beatlestock) covers all of the ‘John Lennon’ songs.  George’s vocal is very naturally reminiscent of John Lennon’s.

With Vinny Grauso on drums and ‘Ringo’ vocals, Andrew Lubman on keyboards, and our utility man Roger Lipson on sitar, percussion and vocals, you won’t miss one Beatle song detail! 

So call now to plan your private or corporate event at:

646-479-4498  or email Larry Russell  at: